Buried Beneath Those Years

by Nakusa

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released September 18, 2012

Joseph Turner: Vocals
Derek Wells: Guitar, backing vocals on tracks 5 and 7
Brian McGhee: Guitar, backing vocals on track 7
Nathaniel Malcolm: Bass, backing vocals on tracks 4 and 6
Richard Hunsinger: Drums

Guest vocals on track 7 by Jake Duvall

Lyrics by Joseph Turner, except tracks 2 and 5 lyrics by Derek Wells

Recorded at "The Fortress" in Woodstock, GA

Thanks Dandy and the crew at Interskramz, Nurture, Violet Eyes, Nolan at Plastic Smile Records/The Truth About Dreaming, Chinesedream, Jake Duvall, Russell "Chief Financier" Koons, Nuci's Space, Dromiceiomimus, and all the rest of y'all.



all rights reserved


Nakusa Athens, Georgia

Joseph Turner
Derek Wells
Brian McGhee
Nathaniel Malcolm
Richard Hunsinger

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Track Name: Thunderhead
When living just feels like
forever awaiting
the black thunderhead that
you always feel looming
what will you do?
and as it draws near you
can see it touch ground and
you hope that your shelter
is built to withstand but
how can you know?
how can you ever know?
Track Name: My Head is a Halo
Hands by my side
Close by my side
Our dreams lead us to destruction
Still we keep following with such blind devotion

My head is a halo
And my sheets will become wings
These dreams will bury me, or so it seems

But it's something to keep the wolves at bay
Pushing us further from waking today
In a sea of the plagues that we create
We've built every city but there is no escape
We embrace every heart but we still separate

My head is a halo
And my sheets will become wings
These dreams will bury me, or so it seems
Track Name: Buried Beneath Those Years
All this time has passed and I can finally feel again
I've chosen to forget what I thought we had
And burn all the grass where our feet made a path
I've lost touch with the person I was back then
I'm glad because I hated him
We choked on the words forming razors in our throats
Whispered delusions that ''I loved you the most''

It's hard to lose those empty eyes
But dwelling becomes suicide

I can't recall the tears I hid buried beneath those years
Track Name: Unwanted
you were trusted
you used her
like nothing
a broken heel
an empty bottle
a crooked smile
a stabbing needle
she will one day
change her name
you will always
be worthless.
Track Name: Reality Washes Away
This is departing from everyone you know
Reality washes away as you run out of places to call home
I can't take losing another fucking friend
Watching another walk away holding every memory
I wish those days farthest from me
You will never forgive me and now I'll hope to forget
Track Name: Sugarcoated
I'll continue to wish
That whatever I say
Is coated in sugar
to show you the way
I'm being serious this time
I've opened my mouth in ways I'm sure to regret
But giving up is the easiest way to forget.

This pack of ghosts won't leave me alone
Singing those songs that recall my former home
Turning my warmest nights to freezing cold
Once-golden portraits become so fragile and old.

Just because I've sunk a ship
That doesn't make it useless
Please be there when this thing lands
We all need helping hands.